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Originally Posted by jusmee View Post
Someone in Kobo ought to grab this "user experience" and use it to educate their technical staff on what to avoid doing to a new customer. You are quite right to be grumpy, this is terrible.

Made worse of course by your fading font issue. Sorry I can't help you with that, except to say I have noticed some e-ink screens vary a little bit in blackness, and i thought it was temperature related (depending where I held the device, that area would be slightly warmer). If it's bad enough to annoy you, I am sure it should be replaced under warranty, or you could, as you say, get a refund.
Thanks for your response, jusmee.

I kept switching the device on and off, hoping the font issues would miraculously disappear. It was wishful thinking on my part.

And to add to the crappy experience, a book has now disappeared from my shelf. I'll ask for a refund, and wait for the PW to arrive.
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