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Originally Posted by chexmix View Post
Hi everyone,

I am in much the same situation as the original post-er in this thread:

... I'd like to find a good e-reader for articles, in PDF format, that come from academic journals (plus the occasional novel from Gutenberg or wherever). In my case these articles are overwhelmingly astronomy and astrophysics articles, so they can get graphic- and table-heavy.
You may have guessed already, but I should clarify that I'm into the social sciences meaning that, although I heavily use quantitative research methods, roughly 80-90% of the articles I read include text only. That's why I can be content with a six inch reader (plus, I also enjoy reading novels with it). In your case, I don't think that any 6 inch reader is up to the task.

Having become familiar with the Onyx software, I'd say it's quite good for pdf support and keeping notes in them. An M92 should be definitely a good choice - not that you have many when it comes to 9 inches... However, be warned that it is rather on the slow side (which is a problem for all e-ink devices anyway), it tends to have minor bugs, and you'd need to invest some time in order to understand how to fully take advantage of it. But it seems that the firmware is constantly improving, and I read there is an Android portal in the works.

However, I can't recommend with absolute certainty until I'm in the process of working with numerous articles within a short period of time, which does not seem likely in the near future.

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