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Originally Posted by jswinden View Post
I said wasn't going to try another replacement, but after looking at the lack of good alternative devices I decided there really are none that I don't already own that would be better than a working PW. So reluctantly I'm going to try out one more replacement.

I just called CS, actually got an American accent on the other end and bottom line is I have a replacement that should arrive tomorrow (Thursday the 11th). I have no idea what model it is as I didn't ask and I haven't gotten my CS email yet. But since I originally had the least expensive model of WiFi only with SO it will at least match that one in cost value. They were of course very polite and apologetic as usual.

BTW, I asked if they were getting a lot of replacement calls. My CS rep replied that this was his first one. Oh really? Not that I expected a straight answer.

As others have mentioned, I think it is pretty much a crap shoot as to whether I get a good one this time. I'm not optimistic. If not I'll simply return them and wait for the next model and continue using my Touch.
That's weird. They must either lie or have terrible communication within the company. I saw this post on an amazon board:

Kindle engineers are now aware of the issue about Kindle PaperWhite devices with screen discoloration/blotches.

I have had two Kindle PaperWhite devices (one was a replacement) with blotches of subtle color bands on the screen. They are sending me out a third Kindle PaperWhite overnight.

I also received a call from Amazon asking for more information about my screen problem. They are following this very closely, monitoring phone calls to Kindle support regarding this screen issue. The engineers want to see these defective devices and are investigating into the problem. They are sending out a special return label that will return the device to Cupertino (not the usual return warehouse in KY), so that the engineers can see the defective Kindles.

If you have a problem with your PaperWhite having discoloration or blotches of colors on the screen when the light is on, contact Amazon and ask for Kindle support, and they will be following this issue closely and send out a replacement. They are working to resolve the problem and told me that they will make sure I do get a good Kindle PaperWhite with a proper white screen. Customer support is super and right on top of the issue. Be patient with them...they will make it right for us.

Just wanted to give some heads up on this matter. Hope it gets resolved ASAP!
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