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Originally Posted by dwig View Post
Have you confirmed that there are no books being indexed?
After the factory reset I'm left with the 2 default dictionaries (Oxford and New Oxford American) as well as the "Kindle User's Guide, 3rd Ed.". I had previously backed up my books that I had stored on the Kindle and haven't moved them back yet.

As far as my search, for what indexing would look like on a Kindle, conducts indexing would only happen after registering/setting up the Kindle. After the factory reset I decided not to do that until I found a way to update to 3.4 because I assumed that along the way I would be asked to make factory resets multiple times. Reregistering every time would be a very tedious task.

I will register my Kindle now and see if the update requires a registered Kindle to work. If that is in fact the case, I'd be surprised that Amazon would do such a thing.

Edit: Just as I suspected, registering didn't change anything either. I still end up with the U007 error.

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