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Calibre 2 behind Windows Proxy Server

I'm running Windows 7, have installed Calibre but can not connect to the internet. The problem is that Calibre is not detecting the proxy server settings

From the command prompt entering

C:\Program Files\Calibre2> calibre-debug -c "from calibre import get_
nt get_proxies()"

I get:

Using proxies: {'ftp': 'proxy:8080', 'http': 'proxy:8080', 'https':
{'ftp': 'proxy:8080', 'http': 'proxy:8080', 'https': 'proxy:8080'}

which is incorrect for my network

According to the FAQ , it says:

for example, on windows if you donít use Internet Explorer then the proxy settings may not be up to date. You can tell calibre to use a particular proxy server by setting the http_proxy environment variable. The format of the variable is: http://usernameassword@servername you should ask your network admin to give you the correct value for this variable.

What it does not say is where the http_proxy environmental variable is located. It does not appear as a Windows environmental valable when entering set from the command prompt.

Please advise, our school library has just purchased 3x Kindles and Calibre appears to be an excellent program to help them resolve their problems managing them. If we can get it to connect to the internet, that would be excellent.
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