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Originally Posted by Thetaeta View Post

I'm thinking about buying an ebook reader.

I have known about the Iliad for a while, the Hanlin V3, Cybook etc. were new to me.

Just a few first questions:

Which of the devices allow the user to upload and use his own fonts?

Is page turning really *that* slow? I have seen a video at Youtube that really surprised me:

For example, a click in the menu at 1:19. Reaction and completion of new page at 1:26.

Is booting the Iliad really *that* slow? (the same video, at the beginning)

I don't need extreme battery time, although I'm a bit skeptical about battery life before it has to be replaced. Any experiences?

The actual transition to a new page in current e-ink models is one second or a bit less, it isn't that long and you get used to blinking fairly fast. Append to that the time that the device requires to wake up from standby state, another second about; again you learn to press the [next page] button moments before you reach the end of current page.

The rest are device specific. For the Hanlin/lbook/bebook/etc boot time is about 10 seconds with the current firmware and battery life lasts 2 weeks or more if the device is always on and read 300-400 pages per day. And supports user fonts/size, of course.
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