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It also should be noted that the PW is subsidized with advertisement that most may not mind or care about. I however have the Kindle KB, Sony PRS-505, PRS-900, and the nook glow. I just purchased the glow when it was on sale last week at target and have not used it yet. I say sale because the price at Target is back to the $139 price. THe glow is still in the box as I have not had a chance to play with it yet. I much prefer devices that support the universal standard which is epub. So the books that are on my Sony can be used on the glow with converting. I can also take the same SD card from my Sony and insert into the glow and then read my books without jumping through hoops. Having said that I still love the kindle as it has a certain convenience with the 3G capability and downloading books anywhere and at anytime. This is not a huge advantage since I use a mobile hot spot. Obviously Amazon has the better echo system, although I am not impacted so much by the echo system, but I can see why it is so important. At times it can be difficult to put a finger on. Kinda like the Android vs. iOS. I use both OS devices and they both have their strengths and weaknesses, but I still find myself using the iOS devices more then the Android devices. just like I use my Kindle more then my sonys at this time. Although I still believe that the PRS-505 is one of the best ereaders ever made. It was just ahead of it's time (IMO). It's kinda weird but if you can play with the readers side by side maybe the choice would be much easier to make.
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