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My wish list

Firstly, congratulations & thanks to the developers for the best Sigil ever.

The following are a few problems/features which I would like to see changed

1. In BV when I want to remove a paragraph break I press Delete at the end of the first para then type a space. This causes a section of text to be highlighted. I have been pressing F2 twice to remove the highlighting;

2. In BV presssing 'Enter' adds

<p class="calibre1"><br /></p> to the html.

In BV this shows as a blank line but ADE ignores it.

Pressing space after the Enter changes the html to

<p class="calibre1">&nbsp;</p>

which is rendered as a blank line in both Sigil and ADE.

Is it possible to have Sigil add the &nbsp; automatically?

3. When creating a toc, clicking the include tick causes the entry to be deleted rather than just unticking the entry. I guess I preferred the previous behaviour.

4. I don't find the the Book Browser 'Open With' dialog very intuitive. In fact I cannot, for instance, open an html file with Kompozer.exe because it is not located in Program Files.

5. I really like the 'Insert Special Character' function. Any chance of adding the minus sign and ellipsis?
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