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Originally Posted by Apache View Post
My wife loves to do scrambles and now I know why.
Another thing I thought was affected by Dyslexia is her handwriting. I used to attribute it to her being left handed. And I have wondered if left handed people are more likely to have dyslexia. .
What your wife has is possibly dysgraphia. It can be combined with dyslexia. In essence it is terrible handwriting no matter how hard the person/child tries. Both my boys have dysgraphia and reverse letters and create a horrible chicken scratch. Noticed a strong correlation with males in our family Grandfather, Uncle and 2 grandsons - daughters etc. are fine and one can actually do calligraphy very well. There is also a strong correlation between bright/gifted people and dysgraphia. You can often get a time extenton for writing exams if they are to be handwritten via spec ed dept at most Universities.

Typing and the watershed of 1995 w affordable computers has changed a lot for dysgraphics and it is very interesting to hear of this new font.
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