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I have been following the thread for quite a time now. I am a pdf reader. Just reader, no work, no multi tasking, just a lot of PDF to read for hours at a time. And I am confused. I was thinking about buyind an Amazon DX with a price point of ca. 250. I undertsnad the limits of the stuff. Then I bumped into the Pocket Book and the ICARUS and then the M92. It seems to me that all these products are produced somewhere in China with a Chinese type of quality control, then you have reseller, somme good, some less good, some rebranding (ICARUS, IBS.It) with price all over the place, proprietary firmware or not, reguler update or not.

I am loathe to spending that much money and the depend on the goodwill of a good man who can be here one days and gone the other specifically when it seems that the product is not quite mature and improving all the time thanks to the effort of resellers and not the original company.

I have almost made up my mind that if I buy one M92, it will be from you, but to be quite honest I think I will hold on for a while.

NB: Why is there such a price delta between you PB 912 and the PB912?
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