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Hi Gagarin,

Would you say that the screen of the Onyx is much better than the Kindle Touch?

I am in your situation. I read a lot of pdfs for hours at a time, but I don't work on them like you do.

I just need a good reader, but I am loathe to invest 350 on an M92, inasmuch as I don't know who they are and it seems that the quality of the stuff depends on the goodwill of the vendor and I don't really understand who does what. There are so many vendors each with its own branding, firmware and support. And pricing.

I could possibly invest 250 in an Amazon product (a new DX for instance, but I doubt that Amazon will come up with this type of product any more), but being a conservative type I just need belt and braces before spending the price of a week in a 4 stars hotel in Thailand on unknown quantities.

Thanks for your time.
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