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Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
Download the books by whatever method you use and then update the books in the calibre library. The simplest way to do this is to select the book in the library and drag-and-drop the book on the description area of the calibre window. This will replace that format.

To get it to your Kobo Touch, I assume you are converting it to epub. If so, just do the conversion again to replace the epub version. Then send it over like you did the first time.

Sending the book over might have problems depending on the changes in the book and the firmware version on the Touch. If the changes are minor, spelling or styles, then it should copy over and be readable with no problems on all firmware except 2.0.0. FW 2.0.0 didn't like the epub being changed and usually deleted all traces of it when you replaced it like this. The other firmware versions would usually accept it.

But, there might be a problem when you read the book if the changes are bigger. If the structure of the epub file changes, when you open it on the Touch, it might not work. It can be as simple as the TOC no longer working or causing a restart of the Touch when you open the book. The fix is to delete it and copy it over again. Because of this, I suggest you write down where you are up to in the books before you update them.
First of all, thank you for the quick response! I should have been more specific in my question: My issue is when I send the new version of the books (going through the manage my kindle purchases on the website, and send it to kindle on my PC), it doesn't actually send me a new .AZW file, so I have nothing to drag and drop into calibre. And it's not updating the file on my computer as I sort by date modified, and nothing seems to be changing.

UPDATE: every once in a while it updates...I've just been doing a trial and error thing where I send the book like 10 times to my kindle for PC and wait for it to show up as an updated file in my documents!

Thanks again for all the help!!

Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
That means you have "Metadata management" set to "Automatic management". This is on the "Sending books to devices" page of the preferences. When this is automatic, the old driver looks in the tags column for specific tags. If a book has "Im_Reading", "Read" or a couple of other special tags, then it updates the status of the books these. If the book doesn't have the tags, the status is reset on the Touch. Changing to "Manual management" will stop this.

You should update to 0.9.1. This has a new driver for the Touch, Glo and Mini that handles this differently. There is a thread in the devices section discussing it. Plus some discussion in the Kobo area.
Ahh! THANK YOU! It is fixed, and updated!
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