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DiapDealer, Hitch,

Thank you, guys. I followed your advice and placed [type="text"] on only the file I wanted the book to start on, and it worked!

Since then I also got hold of The eBook Design and Development Guide, Paul Salvette, which recommends putting only two entries in the <guide> of an EPUB that's to be converted with KindleGen:
<reference href="content/htmltoc.html" type="toc" title="Table of Contents" />
<reference href="content/content001.html" type="text" title="Beginning" />

So I got rid of all the other entries from my <guide> and just left those two, and although the EPUB verifier doesn't like it, it works like a charm on my Kindle.

Thank god EPUB 3 is getting rid of the <guide> - I think it slightly shortened my life!

Thanks again.
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