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Quote: "I was planning to use Tags to create Collections as I like to use book genres for my collection headings. I have about 500 books in my Calibre library, and yesterday I used bulk metadata download on them to get tags. It resulted in 300+ tags. It looks like I have a substantial effort ahead of me to edit this list down to a manageable size before I can use it for creating collections. Is there a more efficient way to use the Plugin? "

I actually created two custom fields, one for genre, and one for "Read" where the answer was New, Old, Read, Active, First. The Genre I import into collections with a prefix of + so that the +SFFantasy, +Mystery etc show up in collections ahead of any based on series. The Read is for New or Old books, those read in recent years with a read date, and the books I want to read soon (First) or am reading now (Active). Those are imported with a _ prefex to put the collections at the top of the list.

Thanks to the custom columns, the books are in the +genre collection, the _read status collection, possibly a series collectino (author, series name) or a tag based collection (NeedsFormat, News, Nieces, etc).

Finally I set Active to be never changed, and that is the one collection I update calibre from the kindle instead of vice versa. As long as you run the update in preview mode first you get a list of all differences between calibre and kindle, and can update calibre to match where tags were added or something moved on the Kindle side.

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