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What has been your experience with reading PDFs on the Paperwhite?

I'm looking forward to buying one when they become available in stores later this month -need to try before I buy-, but I was wondering how you guys felt about the device as a PDF reader? I get that PDFs were meant for reproducing print pages at true scale in electronic form, but that's the format that most of my textbooks come in. The reason I'm optimistic about the Paperwhite as a PDF raeder is that textbooks tend to be 6x9 inches in size which ought to make them more readable than the typical letter-sized PDFs.

If anyone could chime in with a mini-review of the Paperwhite's suitability for PDF reading, it would be of great service to those of still trying to make up their mind on whether or not to fork over 120 bucks for the Paperwhite.
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