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Originally Posted by tarvoke View Post
yeah it really depends on how they designed the charge controller. it could be fine, it could die a slow heat death, it could just asplode. balance would not be my main worry here ;-)

(also aren't these "smart" batteries with their own electronics/management too?)
I meant bypassing the charging electronics and connecting the internal contacts of one battery directly to the internal contacts of another battery.

So, the charging electronics of one battery would handle two cells, connected in parallel, instead of one.

Originally Posted by tarvoke View Post
on something like an apc ups where the specs are known and/or the thing is smart enough to know better (software), I've not had problems adding on extra or bigger batteries. same goes for my solar backup and electric bike projects recently. but on the device we all love and hate...?! hmm... yeah...
Yes, you might be right. It's a little too risky to burn another device.
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