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Question [SOLVED] Creating a PDF, How Setup Images for NON-Negative Color Output?

I'm converting a PDF into a ePub. I'm running into the problem where the image color output is the negative version of the original image, a bug I know everyone's aware of. This is a children's picture book... so there are a tone of pictures.

Now, I'm actually the illustrator of the book. So my question is...
Some of my images are negative
This is a bug, and it's not going to get fixed anytime soon. You can convert to epub, then use the 'Tweak Epub' feature to access the images. Open the images in an image editor, fix and save them, then use the tweak epub window to rebuild the epub. If your final format is something other than epub use Calibre to convert your fixed epub to the desired format.
What can I do with the source images so that by the time Calibre access them in the PDF they will be "normal" instead of the negative colors.

Originally the PDFs were created in Adobe InDesign, where the images were imported as .TIFFs, the text was added, then it was all exported as a PDF.

Any help would be awesome!

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