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Kovid: You really learn to learn civility. And I do know how to use Google. I searched on all kinds of variations of "Enable sharing" and "asin" and "calibre" - evidently, I missed your magical page that you insist explains everything. I've looked all over and all I see is that it causes sync issues with Amazon. Which I don't care about.

Here's one of your many, thoroughly un-illuminating replies:

"Bad Things Will Happen?" Define, please. I've searched on Google and I've searched in the Bug database, and evidently I am completely missing something because I'm not seeing why it's bad, other than the non-sync. I see that you added the UID as a default because a lack of anything at all in the ASIN makes the Kindle unhappy, but no specifics on why ASIN = ASIN is bad that I can see.

And seriously, if that's it, then just tell us and I'll come to terms with your lack of cooperation. But if there's a concrete, valid reason not to do this - something that would be genuinely bad (i.e. "It breaks certain devices' ability to read the doc" or "Amazon will remotely disable your device if you do this" or something similar), then please tell me.

Here's a thought - you could have redirected me to the Quality Check plugin, as you did on an obscure thread that I found on that magical Google engine you talk about:

(By the way, everyone, this automates the ASIN fix - YAY - but there's still an issue; the file, if transferred manually to the Kindle by Windows, shows the cover, but if transferred by Calibre, the cover does not show! Progress, but there's still something about Calibre interacting with a Paperwhite that doesn't let the two get along...)

And I don't want a refund, thank you very much, since I still think it's an otherwise terrific product - and also, thanks for making a person who donated feel like his contribution is invalid, unwanted, and unappreciated - speaks volumes for how much you really care about your contributors.

Instead of insulting me, you could have sent the link I pasted above. To each their own. Even though this fixes my issues (I can write a copy script easier than a binary editing script), I still have no idea what, EXACTLY, this breaks. So far, all my (evidently incompetent) Google searches show that using the Amazon ASIN is actually something that FIXES, not BREAKS, anything...
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