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Documentation for Organizing Fanfic in Calibre

Hey everybody!

I've started putting together my attempt at a document (or series of webpages) on "How to use Calibre to organize a fan fiction library" which of course will feature this plug-in heavily, but I also want to write down the steps people might take in Calibre in general, what other plug-ins they might install and configure, etc.

Obviously reading habits and gadgets vary. Still I think there are enough people out there reading fanfic who'd find these tools handy, but aren't up to figuring every detail out themselves (or who could benefit from the experience of those of us who have spent months tweaking our settings and libraries) that I figured such a thing was worth a shot. Plus documenting what I've done will help me remember too! I'll try to focus on tips I think many would agree on, but also could post a number of different ways to do certain things too (like what Kindle users prefer vs. Nook users or whatever).

Once I started I realized a person could go into this in some depth-- even just where a person decides to save their files and install their software! Whether or not to use one library or if there are benefits to multiple libraries. Lots of stuff. Yikes.

But I was thinking more of stuff like what custom columns to set-up (which map to metadata this plug-in can download). But also dealing with collections, custom covers, tweaking things with regular expressions, etc.

Could even include sample personal.inis (or sections of them) or templates for covers and such things if people opted to share that stuff. Even standard cover images-- I know I have tried to find or create some good ones for specific fandoms or pairings and I can't be alone in that.

So. Help! We don't want to fill or derail this thread with this stuff, though of course if you want to share what you've done with this plug-in this may be an appropriate place to share it. But if you want to contribute some other (or more detailed) content or have ideas for things I could cover, please get in touch with me in messages here (or I'm also "dailyalice" on AO3 and Livejournal and you can reach me there). My plan is to put this stuff on the web for all to see and once I start doing that, I'll post a link here. I dunno. I could even create a small wiki and people could have at it if there was interest.

Of course I'll credit any contributors (unless they don't want me to). And link to any existing resources out there. (If you have links to suggest, you can pass those along too.)

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