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Find/Replace ?


I have a .mobi file that I am guessing was once upon a time a .pdf file that was OCR'd and then badly converted. The text (no longer a header/footer) is littered with bolded Page 1...Page 82...Page 342 etc in the middle of paragraphs/sentences. Is there a way in calibre to find these "Page X"s and replace them with a blank space instead, or to just auto-delete them?
I am guessing it might be possible with regex type stuff, but a) I don't know where in calibre to use it, b) what actual expression to use, or c) what expression to replace it with. Sorry if this is alot to ask or if it is really basic, but it is a bit over my head, but I've fixed the margins, then extra blank line deleted etc and it is almost perfect and I'm not giving up yet

Many thanks for any help!
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