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Moon+ reader & multipile Calibre OPDS feeds ?

While testing out the Moon+ reader (free version) on a Nexus 7 I appear to have discovered an odditity.
In setting up the Net Library page with some additional OPDS sources, I have three Calibre servers running on different port numbers on the same domain, as I entered each one on the screen for the first time, all seemed OK, I was able to reach each source, login and get a listing & download no problem. However when I went back to a previous source from the main list it would appear to fail and pops up the UserID and Password screen but any new entries appear to fail as well. Only be exiting the App and restarting was I able to login to a different source for the first time, again after that other sources fail the same way - other than when a new entry was created.

I've emailed Seany (the Author) and he doesn't have any previous reports of the problem, but I wonder if anybody else has come across the situation ?
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