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Bad news, all. Just heard back on my bug request from Kovid. He says that because there's an option already in Calibre ("Enable sharing...") that "works," he has classified the bug as invalid and junked it. So basically Calibre isn't the solution. I'm really disappointed in him; this tool is so fantastic, and now just a simple little thing is evidently too much work. I honestly got the impression that he didn't even look at this thread and gave me a stock, scripted reply... otherwise he should have seen that his option does NOT produce the same output, it produces a WRONG output... my hope is that he reads this thread at some point and realizes it wasn't a vain request.

UNGH. Okay, so since he's unwilling/unable/whatever to do this tiny change for us, who out there wants to try and figure out how to code this? I'm considering writing some kind of Python script to accomplish what he's refusing to do.
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