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Originally Posted by Rikhodoo4 View Post
I don't have a premium account, but for now some observations.

The settings are very simple, you can select one notebook for downloading and one for uploading, you can download all evernote clearly articles and let evernote sync automatically (but only if you completely shutdown the device, which takes relatively long).

If you want to upload quotes you can mark a certain text, and with options like adding notes, you have an option to send it to evernote. I did not use this, but I think a new note is created in the upload notebook.

The other option is downloading all notes in one article. My layout there is not really strange, so did not notice strange stuff while reading. The notes or drawings made are not synced with your account and at the moment you can only delete articles from the selected download notebook. The articles you view in other notebooks, but which are created in evernote clearly, can not be deleted on the reader.

I did not test the speed of 1000 articles, but I can remember I once downloaded 100 articles and it took I think more than 5 minutes. So I suppose 1000 is quote a problem for the device.

Also I didn't find an option to send drawings or created notes on the reader.

For now my main use is reading some web articles and especially a way to read some interesting RSS articles, which I select in Google Reader that I want to read them later. For the rest I think I lot can be improved to do a lot more with your notes.
Thanks Rhikodoo4 & others, I guess it is not altogether bad but I am a little confused by some of the explanations regarding the term "articles?"
I am not sure what you meant by downloading all the notes in one "article" perhaps it has something to do with the Sony T2, please explain?

I suppose keeping everything you mentioned here, I am really quite sure the T2 would need to use just one notebook that can be set aside for light reading and regular deletions & maintenance for T2 reading purposes only.
I know I mentioned 1000 notes, it appears I was wrong...I've actually got all my notes in one notebook right now (I'm a messy guy need to categorize but no time) and they are actually 3,624 notes!
So quite a lot.
Well the idea that it takes 5 mins for 100 notes is not a good thing but as I mentioned earlier I guess a separate light notebook for T2 use would be good although I'm not clear if they have a download headers option only?

This is like email programs where you only download each note's title and then can use a search feature or skim through list to pick and choose which ones to fully download to your system. I know header download option is available for Evernote app-=iPhone.

And as for the dolphin plugin thanks trocchietto, I would agree there are many, many other ways to do this but I wanted to know particularly how Evernote option shines or in this case, barely flickers for the T2 this year
I was thinking all sorts of awesome ideas, like being able to use an SD card for downloading my Evernote notebooks, pop in and read when I like...serves me right for being in dream land..Sony is really funny how they approach their different products..sometimes I wonder how I would deal with it if I was stuck in a department like eReaders vs their laptop/tv display departments lol

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