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Originally Posted by redryder View Post
I was planning to use Tags to create Collections as I like to use book genres for my collection headings. I have about 500 books in my Calibre library, and yesterday I used bulk metadata download on them to get tags. It resulted in 300+ tags. It looks like I have a substantial effort ahead of me to edit this list down to a manageable size before I can use it for creating collections. Is there a more efficient way to use the Plugin?
In my experience bulk metadata upload results in tags that are in good part nonsense. There is no good substitute for manual tagging - after all, only you know your preferences in that respect. Also, book description, series data if any etc often vary considerably among metadata import sources.

Calibre can delete and rename/consolidate tags from left pane. First delete nonsense and other tags you are not interested in, then choose one among many versions of same tags (e.g. "SciFi", "Sci-Fi", "Science Fiction"...) and rename others - Calibre will "consolidate" them as expected - you will not end up with duplicates. Finally, do a manual "cleanup".

After that, Collection plug-in can do its magic
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