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Device: Which one should I pick?
Sony PRS 505 or Ectaco Jetbook?

Hi everyone!

Im a high-school student and I want an ebook device, so I can finally read all those books I have in pdf, because my parents allow me to be on the PC an hour a day, or two at most, not more, because they worry for my health. So it would take literally years to read all Gigabytes of material that I have. And unfortunately, none of those books I want to read are in any of my local libraries, so the pdfs are my only option so far. (and its cheaper to buy one ebook than hundreds of books.)

Ive done my HW, and two ebooks which would fit me the most popped up - Sony PRS 505 and Ectaco Jetbook.. However, Im not sure which one should I pick yet, though I am leaning towards one of the options. So I would like to ask you which one would you recommend to me, or if there is another one which would fit me even more.

I would like to use my ebook for:

-Mainly reading PDF, especially huge-sized PDF (like 10+MB)
-Occasional reading of txt, doc, perhaps HTML (but I can always convert HTML to txt or doc, right?)
-If it is possible, viewing manga
-storing large amounts of books, so the bigger memory the better (including insertable cards like SD and such)

Things I wont use it for:

-Downloading ebooks via stores/whatever (I checked several stores, they dont have books I want, plus I can always buy the book from Amazon more cheaply
-Reading magazines and news (these kinds of services probably arent available in the Czech Republic anyway, right?)

So to sum it up, Ill mainly just read pdfs which I already have, and wont buy any, because I can either download them for free or they arent available in ebook stores. Plus if I can read manga, it would be even better.

So which one should I pick? Im thinking Sony could be better...


1.I heard on Amazon that Sony often freezes, especially when loading big pfds. Is it true?

2. Sony takes long time to boot, about a minute or more. (as well from Amazons buyers comments.)

3.Do all ebooks display only black and white? No colours? What happens to colour frontcovers loaded in pdf then?

4.Im probably going to buy the chosen ebook from Amazon, its cheaper than from my local stores (eg. the Jetbook costs twice as much!), but they also sell several AC adapters for the Sony ebook - does it mean the Sony comes without it (and without the USB cable??!!), and I have to charge it using PC? Or are they some additional ones? What are they for? Sony Electronic Book AC Charger - ACS5220E and the other one is Rapid Wall / AC Charger for the Sony Reader PRS-505 - Gomadic Brand w/ TipExchange Technology.

5. I saw one guy scrolling some text on his PSP, and found on the Net that you can download pdf to DS and PSP and actually read it there. Anyone has had experience with this? (perhaps I could make another thread about this in the appropriate forum). Should I rather buy a PSP/DS, if it works?

Oh, and budget. Yay. Since Im a student, its roughly 300 US dollars right now, and Im probably going to get another 100.

Thanks everyone a lot!!
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