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My table of contents is messed up-please help

My Table of Contents is messed up. I have the first link going to chapter one but the other links are off target, usually by a page or so. I've searched for this but can't find the answer. It's probably some glaringly stupid newbie mistake I've made but please somebody help me with this. I've been working on it for hours now and my brain hurts. This is what it looks like.

<a href="#link1"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER ONE<br/>
<a href="#link2"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER TWO<br/>
<a href="#link3"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER THREE<br/>
<a href="#link4"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER FOUR<br/>
<a href="#link5"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER FIVE<br/>
<a href="#link6"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER SIX<br/>
<a href="#link7"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER SEVEN<br/>
<a href="#link8"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER EIGHT<br/>
<a href="#link9"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER NINE<br/>
<a href="#link10"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER TEN<br/>
<a href="#link11"><font color="#0000FF">CHAPTER ELEVEN<br/>
<a name="link1"/><h1><b>chapter one</b></h1>
<p>[Book text removed by moderator]

and then the text before and the link for chapter two

[Book text removed by moderator]<br/>
<a name="link2"/><h1><b>chapter two</b></h1>
[Book text removed by moderator]

Link one works fine. from link two and on, everything is off target by like one page or so. If anyone will take pity on me and tell me what I'm doing wrong I would greatly appreciate it. Like sacrifice a goat in honor appreciate it.

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