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Update: so that's what I've done...create "folders" each with their own name, which makes sense to me, and then I imported it into my Kindle, and now I've got those folders, and I can easily update it through Calibre. Love it! I think once I'm done, I'll delete the folders I had on my Kindle, just so I can always easily update them through Calibre.

But...if I add a book through my Kindle into a folder I created on Calibre in the regular way on my Kindle, will the info be transferred to Calibre?

Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
@booklover001: For what you're trying to do, you'll have to do an export from Collections Manager before. (And every time you make changes on the Kindle you want to be able to edit in Calibre).

That's not a terribly practical workflow on the Touch/PW, I'm afraid.
Thanks so much for your response, NiLuJe! Er--could you please explain the steps more?

I was thinking I could make collections through tags. But there are 889 tags that other people have used for the ebooks I have, and most don't fit the kind of categories I want to use. I'd probably have to delete them all and then retag them all, right? Or make another...category? it easier if I just recreate all the collections on Calibre and then import them into my Kindle? I made a a custom column called "folders" because it's what made sense to me. And I'll start putting the ebooks I want into named "folders". Is that the way I should do it? Then I do "custom collections to create from Calibre", select the "folders" and "create", and then generate it for the Kindle?

Thank you.

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