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Book jacket page

My question is about the "book jacket" page that is inserted when converting. I hope this is the right forum. I have a problem with the formatting of the book jacket page. It is showing a duplicate line of Tags.The first line displays properly and a second line of tags is repeated in a white font, with "ttt" after each tag in place of a comma.

The book jacket metadata shows tags like this:

Tags: Scotland, Mystery, Historial Fiction
Scotlandttt Mysteryttt Historical Fictionttt [<-- this line is in a white font]

Though the second line doesn't show on my Kindle, it leaves an extra "blank" line, and it does show on the Calibre reader.

This is happening when converting from azw, mobi, or epub to mobi or epub. I use a Kindle but I've converted some to epub or started with an original epub file just so I could open them in Sigil to try to figure out where the problem is coming from.

From book jacket template file (in App Data/Roaming/Calibre/Resources/Jacket):

<tr class="cbj_tags">
<td class="cbj_label">{tags_label}:</td>
<td class="cbj_content">{tags}</td>

After converting to epub and opening in Sigil, this is what the html shows:

<tr class="calibre1">
<td class="cbjlabel">Tags:</td>
<td class="cbjcontent">Scotland, Mystery, Historial Fiction<br class="calibre2" />
<span class="calibre3">Scotlandttt Mysteryttt Historical Fictionttt</span></td>

Has anyone else seen this? I don't understand where the "br class=calibre2" and "span class=calibre3" are coming from or how I can get rid of them since it is happening during the conversion process. This problem doesn't appear on any of the the other items. Can anyone help?

Much appreciated. ;-)
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