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Originally Posted by sirmaru View Post
@JSWINDEN "That is clearly caused by an external light casting a shadow from the bezel onto the screen. That is totally unrelated to the screen issues."

If that is true, then I have NO defects at all. The blue line was a SHADOW. Then my LEDs do not show at all on my screen anywhere. I certainly see no blotches, colors or other defects on my screen at all with my naked eyes.
I notice on your picture (apart from cigarette ash on the bezel) a light source from the left that causes the blue shadow and I see the LED's making blotches at the low end of the display.

You have a nice working unit. But it is not what I expected from Amazons commercials! I stick to my Kindle KB with lighted cover definetely and my Kindle 4 for commuting since it is lighter and smaller.

I look forward to get a hand on a Kindle PW when it is available in a shop in Germany. The Apple shop Gravis in Germany will have the Amazon Kindles soon.
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