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Originally Posted by CatherineStewart View Post
Did you upgrade and were glad you did?
TL;DR yes and yes.

I'd had a couple of sneak peeks at demo models during the week, it wasn't an immediate decision to upgrade, but I crumbled and bought one today, mainly for the frontlight, I usually read in bed with a table-lamp but I spend a lot of time adjusting to keep comfortable and reasonable lighting.

Some people have said the e-ink background is whiter even with the light off, I don't think it is, the anti-glare texture looks the same, though the KT feels smoother than the KG which has a bit more "texture" to it. The increased resolution is nice especially after tuning the font sizes down a bit, I don't think the blacks are quite as black (could just be finer detail from the smaller pixels) and the black does wash-out a little with the light on.

When reading a book, I'm quite happy with 6 pages per full refresh on the KG and virtually no ghosting, where on the KT I had reduced it to 3 pages. However when navigating on the home/library/settings screens the ghosting is a lot more apparent on the KG than the KT, especially in the black bar at the bottom (the very first setting to get turned off!) and other areas where there's white on black. I can see they probably used the black bar to hide the shadowing near the bottom of the screen, but I don't find the shadowing too obtrusive, nor the bright highlight near the top, I don't have any "bright pixels".

As to the processor extra speed with KT and KG side-by-side there's not that much in it for page turns, but any increase is handy, power-on is about 5s faster, wake-up is about the same. Still takes a long time processing content after inserting an SDHC card.

Already I prefer the lack of button on the front, the power button (plastic) feels smoother than the KT which was a little graunchy being metal on plastic.

There'll soon be some black tape over the logo on the front which feels too big and higher contrast compared to the KT. In the same way I don't like too much advertised content on-screen (the split Reading/Discovery option is good, don't mind the wishlist bar too much) I want a subtle device that isn't a walking advert for Kobo either
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