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For the record ...

I have a 360. My other half has the 360+. Given a choice I'd go for the 360+ simply because it runs substantially faster - navigating the directory structure, opening books, and (less of a concern) page turns.

I have a 912, which is a touch-screen model, but you must use a stylus - touching the screen with your finger doesn't make any matter, other than you need to clean your screen later :)

The wifi feature in both the 360+ and the 912 are turned off all the time - the feature just isn't interesting.

The 360+ is the same price - perhaps even slightly cheaper - here in UK / EU than the 360 is (or rather, was).

The only complication for me is that the 360 and the 360+ aren't running the same variant of the OS, so it makes the (not particularly heady) task of maintaining both systems slightly more complicated. But it's not a slight against either.

As an aside - the touch screen on the 912 is about as useful as I thought it would be - read: not very much. I've played with it, and it's slightly faster when navigating to specific pages, or doing searches on words, but those are irregular things, and the time saved is minuscule at best. It's nice to be able to circle text, and highlight it, but for very small values of nice. Obviously others have different use patterns, and I could see some situations where all these features would be very handy for some people. But, OTOH, if you don't want to use them, then just ignore them. I got the 912 because it was around the same price as the 902 and 903, but a slightly better product, and they seemed to be dropping the 90x range at the time.

So - to address your concerns - the 360+ isn't a touch interface, and you disable it by basically not waving the stylus around.

And 'all the other navigation controls have been eliminated' is not an accurate assertion.
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