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Originally Posted by mickael28 View Post
Before doing anything of the above I was able to move the Internal Storage from the Internal Memory (/sdcard) to the External Memory (/extsdcard), after the movement and a reboot the original /extsdcard became /sdcard and everything started working again.

I don't mind this set-up (where it seems I'm just losing those ~2GB of internal memory from the edge) but now I have the problem that I want to wipe that data (stored in /intsdcard) but I'm not able to do so, even with root access via unix terminal or a explorer app.
I think you're luckier than some of the rest of us - usually/eventually the corruption results in an unusable system. actually this is kind of interesting, I'm not sure anyone experienced this particular case before - corruption was user area only and not system, probably.

it's very likely that to recover the internal storage, you could simply try the same fix I've (and others have) had to do more than a few times, namely a complete reinstall.

intsdcard is actually just a loop mounted file (vfat.img as you saw) on the main internal flash - any bad blocks should be recognized and dealt with when reinstalling the whole system.

the rule many of us have started to learn is never ever ever ever let it run out of battery. & try to avoid apps that crash/freeze/hang the OS (see kindle thread)
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