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Ok, since you asked this 2 years ago, I guess you have the answers: Which version of Crosstool do I need, and which gcc and glib versions. And should I go cygwin since I already have a windows setup?

Originally Posted by igorsk
I want to try writing some code for the Reader. However, I'm not very familiar with Linux development, so I would like some advice from the more experinced MobileReaders.
As far as I know, firstly I need a cross-compiler toolchain. I found instructions ( for setting up a toolchain for Librie, but Librie uses older versions of gcc ang glibc, so I think that won't work too well.
From the listing of files in the Sony's source download repository:
So I guess I need to configure for gcc-3.2.1 and glibc-2.2.5, right?
Can I use those RPMs somehow? Or I'll have to use crosstool? I also found hhl-cross-gcc-3.2.1-mvl3., is this better than "target"? I have installed Ubuntu, will it work? Or it's better to get Redhat as it seems to be a preferred distro for Montavista? If so, which version? How about Cygwyn?.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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