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Mark Sterling, one of the top IT sales executives in America and sought after model, is field testing a Beta version of SAM, a sentient email/texting system that emulates the thinking pattern and decision making parameters of the device owner, automatically deleting unwanted messages and sending appropriate boilerplate replies.

Lisa Lancaster, an enchanting curvaceous and brilliant platinum blonde, is assigned by her national marketing firm to work with Mark and his boss Dallas Milligan to publicize and promote SAM to the buying public.

Mysteriously, emails arrive on Mark’s secure iPhone and direct him to a website with explicit photos of him with a fifteen-year-old girl and instructions to pay a million dollars in blackmail.

Mark and Lisa are directed to a casino in Windsor, Ontario, to lose the blackmail money. Instead, Lisa wins thousands of dollars. Upset, the blackmailers order Mark and Lisa to meet them in an abandoned party center. A gun fight breaks out in the dark, one of the blackmailers is shot, and Mark and Lisa flee.

When Mark objects to killing the blackmailers, Lisa reveals who she really is and what she really wants.

Then, Mark finds he is accused of buying and selling drugs, loses his job, and is blackballed by his modeling agency.

Lisa is arrested and placed in psychiatric observation. She escapes, attacks Mark and his friends, and blows up Mark’s condo, apparently killing him.

Mark’s problems resolve at a costume ball. Gorillas, knights, rock stars, and politicians engage in a cosmic battle of uncontrolled cyber forces, witchcraft, spells, power blasts, and blow guns.

In an unbelievable ending, Mark is exonerated, Lisa is vanquished, and SAM is decommissioned.

Please help me out. Download a free copy from Amazon Kindle and give me a review.
(Jay Atleson is a nom de plume!)



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