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Calibre Essential to the Kindle Paperwhite

After I received my Kindle Paperwhite, I was stumped with how to **quickly** get the 750 books in my current reading list off the Kindle Keyboard and on to the Kindle Paperwhite. I quickly learned that you cannot just use USB mode and copy the file from one to the other. It complains that they are not licensed.

So as to make sure that I had exactly the same file list, I pulled everything off the Kindle Keyboard into a new library in Calibre, ummm... *converting* them as they came off. I then dumped them back out to my waiting Kindle Paperwhite. I then applied Collections. About 25% did not properly go into the Collections, but that is because the names get somewhat jacked when *converted*. That's OK. I can do that work.

However, I will point out that it took nearly an hour for the Paperwhite to settle down and correctly show all the books. I have had no issues whatsoever with MOBI vs. AZW3. All show up as they should. Doing it this way, even the books from Baen correctly show up as Books, not Personal.

Thanks again, Kovid, for your outstanding work with Calibre. I cannot imagine doing all this without the tool.
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