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Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
Ok, you used a Yes/No type column instead of a text column. I can see how to fix that so there isn't an error

From the screenshots, WS64 is probably right. The book titles on the device look like a plugboard was used when the book was sent to the device. You need to make sure you are using the same plugboard now.

If you don't want to use that plugboard, if you send the book to the device again, it should fix it.

The alternative is that it is not actually the same book. If you put the book on the device by some other method than calibre, the driver cannot match it to the copy of the book in the library. calibre and the driver do attempt to match the books, but it needs an exact match on title and author.
Thank you for your answer !

They are the same books, I only use Calibre to send the books to the Kobo (which was previously empty).
I've got this on the plugboard :
 {series}{series_index:0>2s|  |  }{title}
with : epub/any device (instead of "Kobo", because it didn't work)
I previously used this plugboard to display series titles on my Sony PRS-T1, and I had to put "any device" instead of "Kobo" to make it work with my Kobo.
I don't know how/what to change in the plugboard, so I sent the books again, deconnect, reconnect to Calibre, and the same books are unmarked, they are all series, but some series are marked normally both in Calibre and Kobo
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