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Originally Posted by K8HW View Post
calibre does not use a .exe. You want the .msi.
That debug log says (times are after you started Calibre):
- 20 seconds: your device connected.
- 30 seconds: your device started sending metadata to calibre.
- 176 seconds: your device finished sending metadata for 984 books.

At this point, 3 minutes have passed. calibre started checking the metadata and comparing it to books in your library. This is something calibre does with all devices, and is not specific to CC.

After almost 4 minutes more:

- 409 seconds: calibre wants to send metadata back to the device. I didn't count them, but metadata for a lot of titles is being sent.
- 410 seconds: calibre discovers that the device has been disconnected.

So, from what I can see, calibre was doing what it is supposed to do. My guess is that you disconnected your device sometime between 3 and 7 minutes after connecting.

Unless you are using largely-identical multiple libraries, this bidirectional exchange of metadata is a one-time process. Once it completes successfully, calibre will see that it has already returned the metadata and will not send it again.

My suggestion: start it and let it run. After around 7 or 8 minutes, CC should show a progress bar indicating how much metadata it has received and has yet to receive. If calibre is sending back all 984 books, then this first reception of metadata should take around 5 or 6 minutes. As I said earlier, unless you are using largely-identical multiple libraries, this 5 or 6 minutes is a one-time charge.

Going back to 0.9.0 will turn off automatic metadata management, which means that Calibre won't attempt to send the books. The consequence of this is that there is no guarantee that CC has correct metadata for the books. CC will have the metadata for a book at the moment it was sent, but CC will never see any metadata updates.

I am not willing to go back to metadata management defaulting to manual because that invalidates a key CC promise, that the metadata on your device is the same as the metadata in calibre. I am, however, willing to consider adding an option to the wireless device setup to permit someone to explicitly disable automatic metadata management for wireless connections. If someone goes to the trouble of finding the option in device configuration and turning it off, then I can assume that they understand what they are doing and accept the consequences.

Note: the wireless device driver overrides the preferences setting for metadata management. Changing it in preferences will have no effect.
Thanks again Chaley. BTW I have only one library in Calibre. I see a progress bar when Calibre Companion is sending data but NO bar when it is supposed to be receiving data. I guess it makes me nervous watching Calibre's "job wheel" in the lower right hand corner stop turning and just freeze up. If I click anywhere on the Calibre window, the Calibre title bar then says it is not responding. If I click again the whole window turns white and just sits! There is no indication on my Nook as to what is happening. All I see is a dialog saying that it is waiting for Calibre.

Everything synced up yesterday and when I went to add a couple of new books this morning it seemed to take just as long or longer as yesterdays first run with the new Calibre release. Is the wireless connection intended to be used each time a book is added to Calibre -or- am I supposed to use the content server and then use wireless maybe once a week to sync everything up?

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