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My paperwhite came today and thankfully had no problems (I live in the UK and sending it back would have been a massive pain).

Screen Fantastic. With the light off the contrast seems identical to my K3 (to my eyes) but you can see the difference in resolution. The fonts are crisper especially at small font size (that I use). The page turns are also quicker, with no ghosting.

Lighting Both incredible and slightly disapointing. If you ignore the bottom half inch it really is remarkable, even looking very closely the screen is evenly lit. It makes the background seem almost a perfect white without making the font less dark (the exception being very high brightness 22+ when the blacks lose some of their darkness). It's a technological marvel how they've done this with 4 LED's at the bottom. However the cost is a poor bottom 1/2 inch which is made up of shadows darker than the rest of the screen inbetween areas brighter than the rest of the screen. It just gets to the bottom line of text when reading. Hopefully a firmware update could increase the blank space at the bottom of the screen otherwise its ask the nice folk in the developers corner to write a hack to leave the bottom inch text free (in a months time when they have the normal hacks sorted of course).

Interface Stunning. The touch screen has been improved beyond recognition for an eink device. It's closer to a top end tablet in touch performance then any eink device I've ever used. I like the new home screen and options menu (when I hid the store behind a password), and they've kept the list mode for those who prefer the old style.

Verdict A great device with some small issues that could be fixed with software updates. I'm very happy with my purchase and can see it being my primary reading device for as long as my K3 was.

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