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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
I have no objections in principle to having the directory naming configurable. However, various caveats apply:

1) It would have to be done in a way that does not break metadata backup/db restore/the cover storage APIs (probably others as well)
2) The default semantics must remain as they are
3) This kind of change will require *a lot* of testing, on multiple platforms, as it has the potential for data loss.

I'm somewhat puzzled by your use case, however. If you are serving up books from a server, what earthly difference does it make where they are stored?

I re-applied my changes to the currently distributed 0.9.1 tag and sent you a merge proposal.

If accepted, this could be used to create plugins to put the source (see my main use case) or series information into the path of the books without having to modify the core of calibre anymore.

Also, if accepted, I would continue to work on this to allow graphical configuration of my plugins, which at this moment have a bit of hard-coded information in them (e.g. name of the column to use for "source" and so on).

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