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Unhappy Another brick in the PRS-T1-wall - HELP NEEDED

History so far:

I rooted my PRS-T1 using Rupor's Minimal package; after rooting the device booted fine, but I didn't see much change. I thought OK, that's fine with me, all I want is the Kindle app and a file explorer and maybe a few other small tools, nothing special.

So I ran Rupor'S Enable Asec package because I thought it is a smart idea to have all my apps on the big SD-card.

After applying this, the PRS-T1 gets stuck in a bootloop. The 'Opening Book' progress bar comes up, during which the ORANGE light flashes about 3 times, then turns RED. Then comes the screen with the 2 round arrows going in circles forever. Once I press the HOME button, I reach the device homepage (but the page is incomplete; on touching, a button will turn black, that's all. No function.

Well, I thought, let's rescue and start all over again with more attention to the details (for example I think I left the SD card in at some point, which was a mistake)

No chance.

With the OS-Files and recovery image on the SD card (FAT32) I try booting with HOME and MENU pressed, but the ORANGE indicator light turns RED before the 'Opening Book' progress bar has reached the end (where you're supposed to release HOME&MENU). It seems the device doesn't connect to the SD-Card properly and therefore doesn't boot the rescueing image ....

I believe that the Enable Asec (i.e. my stupidity and lack of patience in reading instructions etc.) must have changed the internals of the device irreversibly.

When I USB-connect to a PC, I see three unknown drives.

Now I have 2 questions:

(1) Will anyone (including Sony repair shop) be able to bring my Reader back to life? Or will this reader now become just another brick in the wall of dead electronic devices forever?

(2) Is there anything else I can try? I can't figure out how to reach the device's internals (for example with Putty or such) nor do I have an idea what t do if I could.

HELP is greatly appreciated. Many many thanks!!!!

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