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Originally Posted by mckinnon42 View Post
You can already do this. Drag the screen to the right or left side of your document to reveal a vertical black bar. Depending on your firmware you may or may not see a white circle. If you see the circle, tap it to go to next/previous page. If you do not see the circle you can just tap the entire black bar. On occasion, some PDFs had odd formatting and you have to use the top / bottom of your document rather than the sides, but it works quite well regardless.
Thanks for that, never seen this function, and that's exactly what I want.
I removed it from my list.

Originally Posted by kornti View Post
My requests:
- Possibility to receive RSS-Feeds
And twitter links working (

Actually, a solution I've found is a firefox addon : GrabMyBooks. I use it with google reader that can grab all feeds, articles and blogs that I follow, and generates a really clean capture of the content.
Just select this content, right-click > grabmybook > grab selection > edit > save. Then edit the metadata and click on grabmybook to save it directly inside the kobo. Don't forget to click on the delete button on top of grabmybook after that, or else it will add next articles as chapters.
It gives an ebook without errors or useless menus or things we don't want, only the content and images.
This is the simplest way I found. If someone found something more simple...

Originally Posted by kornti View Post
My requests:
- Possibility of apps like Google Calender; Contacts oder Wikipedia (hopefully in German)
- Integration of Wikipedia while reading
Could be nice, but when I use the webbrowser, I hardly think Kobo isn't done for web browsing. Not enough powerful ?

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