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Originally Posted by techiegirl View Post
Having had the Nook Glow, I do prefer the KPW over the Nook. I find the lighting to be much more even with the Kindle. With the Nook, I saw various shades of brightness/darkness throughout the screen. With the Kindle, I only notice it in the bottom.

I do prefer the KPW over a lighted case. I find that even with it's issues, lighting is much more even with the KPW than with any lighted case or clip on light that I've ever used.
So the question is how important night reading is to you. It is critical to me and I was tired of switching between my iPad and my Nook touch so this fits the bill very well for me. Would I take a more perfect screen? Sure but I'll take the PW and be very happy until a better lit screen exists.
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