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Covers & "Personal" tag - Kindle PW

I've experimented with various ways of sideloading books to my new Kindle PW (using the "send to" button in Calibre, and also just dragging the book file to the kindle's documents folder), and I can't get covers to show on the home page (even though if I press and hold on a book to get options, it shows the cover there). The good news is that the covers show when I email the same book files to my kindle via Amazon. Downside is that they get the "Personal" label/banner over part of the cover. Amazon is obviously flagging them somehow, but I don't see how. Looking at the file Amazon sent to my kindle in Calibre, I can't see any flag or tag, but maybe I'm not looking in the right place. It would be awesome to be able to get rid of that banner.

I know the PW just came out, so I'm not surprised some things aren't working perfectly - I just wanted to point these out: 1) getting covers showing on the home page of books sideloaded via Calibre, and 2) having some way (maybe it already exists and I don't know where) to remove the "Personal" banner across the cover of the books I've emailed to my kindle via Amazon.

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