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Post Touch & PW

Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
@saxondawg - the issue is *not* the plugin, it is the newer Kindles that are the problem. Amazon changed the firmware so that the place where collections are stored is private on the device and *no* external program can get to it. The only solutions to this have involved hacked firmware, which as meme says above is not something he wants to have to try to support (or take the blame for encouraging people to do so).
I am not an expert, but Kindlean (a commercial collection manager) claims to be working with Touch. I have it (and this plugin, and another freeware... I am a hoarder ), but since I don't have Touch I wasn't able to verify the claim. PW is on its way, so we shall see. If it does work, that would mean that collection data is somehow accessible via USB (my understanding of some other exchange on the topic was that what was in json file is now in SQLite database or something...)

Edit: just saw another post: apparently, PW is not recognized by Kindlean...

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