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I was disappointed in when both of 2 different series of books I've been reading suddenly has the geographic restrictions (GR) tagged on the final and conclusion of these series. I've been waiting for them for so long and when they finally came out I couldn't even purchase it! I've searched all available e-book stores websites because sometimes if I'm lucky a book that has GR tagged from one bookstore, BOB for eg. is available in all countries in another e-book store.
But that is not the case this time so I tried the gift card route. I created a new account on one of the e-books store and with my old account I bought a gift card and sent it to my new account. And surprise, surprise it worked. I was able to purchase both books. Now this is where my guilty conscience kicks in, when I created the new account I hid my IP address and fill in an hotel address based in US. But I was surprised that I could sign in to the new account and purchased the books with the gift cards without an anonymous IP. Am I doing the right thing here? I'll try to replace the address and fill in with a virtual US address instead. Anyone knows where I could get one without paying an exorbitant fee?
On a side note I'm so happy I could finally purchase those books.

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