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I've seen some photos on various forums and must say I feel really bad for people that received those. They are clearly defective. I received a unit that seems good. I do see something going on the bottom, maybe shadows, maybe too bright but everything else looks uniformly lit to me and no crazy pink tan. The pages look really white and clear and sharp. After using the Nook Glow light and those clip lights from amazon, I had no hope on light. I figured they would toss in some leds and call it a day and make it seem like they invented the universe but after using the paperwhite it's clearly not bs. I think they did a great job and they got the right idea. I still have my kindle touch with a clip light. Tried reading with it again after using the paperwhite, it was not a good experience in a dim room lol. I gave it away and I think it has a good home. Regardless of light or not it's still a good ereader.

It's clear though that they need better quality control and a few updates. I really don't like the swipr to turn on feature. I am using an old case I had for the kindle touch and it works great but I have to swip to turn on. This is ridiculous lol. The light doesn't turn off, wtf? Actually I don't mind, the battery life is great and having it a little on in a dark room helps. If you read a lot in daytime only then, ouch, it's just killing battery life, but personally it doesn't bother me. It's a needed feature though. I'm so used to the home button on devices that I miss it. It's one button that I like having on the kindle touch. I am getting used to the on screen buttons but I still miss that physical button. No charger? blah, I have chargers but still, paying this much should mean I get a charger. I believe that anyway. Less memory and no headphone jack? well, I never planned on using a headphone jack so I don't need that and fitting enough books to read on 2GB seems plenty for me. YMMV I guess.

Overall, I'm really happy with the device. I'd give it a 9/10. The light works for me and it's the only thing I've ever thought was really useful. Seems like they did a great job on the good units.

Did anyone notice landscape mode?! Awesome! With the case I have I just lay it on the table and read lol. I know it's weird since you don't do it with a real paperback book but screw it. It's a feature for me lol.
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