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Behavior PW with a cover for SO vs. without SO when resuming reading

I've seen some discussion in other threads but wanted to see if we can get a definitive answer to this as I've seen conflicting reports. I have a PW with offers and want to understand how things change for $20 to remove them in the following conditions:
  1. After closing the cover when reading and then opening the cover I am brought to the offers screen saver. I have to swipe to get into the book.
  2. After pushing the power button to turn off the book and then using the power button to turn it back on (no closing the cover), I am also brought to the SO screen saver and have to swipe.
  3. After pushing the power butting to turn off the book and then closing the cover and opening it I am still brought to the SO screen saver and have to swipe.

Bottom line is that no matter what I have to look at the ad and swipe before I can get back to reading. For those that don't have SOs, do you have the same behavior (with a screen saver replacing the SO) or do you go right into the books? I'm thinking it may be a design thing to prevent the Kindle from changing pages if the cover opens by mistake but don't want to rule out that they are focused on making me look at the ads and for $20 I could avoid the swipe. Understand it is not a big deal but I kind of like the idea that the Kindle could behave just like a paper book when you open it (e.g. - just start reading).

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