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kornti began at the beginning.
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My requests:
- Button for Internetbrowser on homescreen
- Possibility to receive RSS-Feeds
- Integration of Keyboard in "Scetchbox", so you could use it as a notepad (maybe not limited to one site)
- Extending Sctechbox to more pics as one file
- Possibility of apps like Google Calender; Contacts oder Wikipedia (hopefully in German)
- Integration of Wikipedia while reading
- Sync of epubs to kobo account even when the book was purchased somewhere else
- Switch for landscape mode (most useful while browsing, but also useful for reading)
- Possibility for editing the dictionarys (maybe getting the dics "crowdsourced"?
- Bookshelfs: Editing should be possible from book-search;.... everywhere you have to deal with your books on kobo and on the desktop software (again: purchased books from other stores should be implemented here too!)
- Possibility to download epubs directly from the internet

Nice to have would be a slideshow, and an e-mail-app as well as a notefunction in the books without marking a word (let's say just when putting a readers mark)

thanks and all the best.
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