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Kobo Library Problem

I'm having a really weird Kobo Wireless issue, and I'm hoping that someone might give me a clue as to what I can do to fix it.

Everything in my library -- including books that have been in the Kobo's memory for well over a year now -- is now showing up as "New". And the book that I'm currently reading isn't being remembered. I've got to go through the library to find it and re-open it every time...the page number, at least, is being maintained.

It's deeply annoying. The only thing that I can think of that might have caused this was my bulk deleting some of the loaded books through Calibre last week. I don't see any reason *why* that would have done this, but it's the only thing that I've done that was out of the ordinary with it.

Any idea as to how I can fix this? My wife's Kobo is working fine, so I can always copy any of the device files from her's and put them on mine -- I had to do this once before, although I can't remember the reason at this point. If I do this, though, which files should I copy?
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