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Trouble tweaking

I have been trying to generate MOBI and EPUB files using Calibre following the instructions in this tutorial:

The output looked great, EXCEPT for the copyright pages etc. I was using Calibre to remove spacing between paragraphs with an Indent size of 1.5 em. However, I did NOT want those indents in my front matter (copyright page, etc.). I was able to fix this in my EPUB file by using the tweak command in Calibre to edit my CSS and HTML. However, when I tried to tweak the MOBI output, it generated this error message: "Could not explode the MOBI file. This MOBI file does not contain a KF8 format book. KF8 is the new format from Amazon. calibre can only tweak MOBI files that contain KF8 books. Older MOBI files without KF8 are not tweakable."

So when I tried to convert my tweaked, "perfect" EPUB to MOBI, it kept indenting all the paragraphs, ignoring the changes I'd made to the CSS when I tweaked it. I have a feeling that if I could only tweak the MOBI file I could solve my problem. How do I generate a MOBI file with KF8 that Calibre will be happy with?
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